About the Gabinetto Armonico

“Instrumento in Batam”


Bonanni, Filippo. Gabinetto armonico pieno d’istromenti sonori indicati e spiegati. Nella Stamperia di Giorgio Plancho, Rome, 1722.

Rare ML460 B943 G11 (Gilmore Music Library, Yale University)

 The Gabinetto Armonico was written by Filippo Bonanni (1638-1725), a Jesuit priest and curator of the Museo Kircheriano in Rome. The book is composed of numerous engravings by Flemish artist Arnold van Westerhout (1651-1725), as well as brief descriptions of each illustration. Besides instruments of ancient Rome, European folk instruments, musical toys and hunting calls, the Gabinetto includes instruments of Africa, Turkey, Persia, China, Java, and North and South America. The descriptions of these instruments are derived from travelers’ accounts of musical performances. Descriptions of Javanese instruments come from Prima pars descriptionis itineris navalis in Indiam Orientalem by Willem Lodewijckz, published in Amsterdam in 1598.

-Emily Ferrigno

More Javanese instruments from the Gabinetto Armonico

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