Instrumento in Batam


About the Gabinetto Armonico           Listen to Javanese gamelan

More Javanese instruments from the Gabinetto Armonico

 “No less noisy are the three Instruments. . .[used] in the whole Island of Java, subjected by the Dutch in the Year 1619. . .Those Barbarous Peasants when they must publish some order of their Prince, customarily strike a great Basin of sonorous Metal in the same way that in Europe one plays the drum, whence, the sound resounding through the countryside, the people are gathered to hear that which is declared. Whether their beatings are artfully done, and to the time of a well-ordered Music, is not mentioned by the Historian who has described the voyages of the Dutch to that Island.”

-Filippo Buonanni, Gabinetto armonico (Rome, 1722) trans. Eric Bianchi


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